Project Wild | Nature Inspired Synergy

Project Wild started when I felt that the world had to see the beautiful part of Planet Earth again. I was fortunate enough to be employed by the person who was assigned to build the worlds first rhino prosthesis, for an amputated rhino, ever. I was so amazed by the way you could do something like that. The next prosthesis I got a little more involved, same with the 3rd prosthesis for the same rhino. 

​Then the event happened that changed my life. I was assigned to deliver & fit Achilles’ 3rd prosthesis. Since then, I’ve experienced something that you can not experience anywhere else. That moment changed my life. When the opportunity came to build his 4th prosthesis, I stood up and took responsibility. I documented the whole process and decided to upload it to YouTube. ​But then I thought ‘Why stop there? There must be other animals in such need as well?’ And that is how I created Project Wild. Whether it is conservation, education about endangered species or wildlife rehabilitation assisting, Project Wild wants to assist and is there to make a difference.


There are numerous research opportunities and everywhere research are being done by a number of institutions. Research are part of our daily lives. Without it we can not grow, learn or conserve. This is why we at Project Wild felt that we need to be part of research, any research, to lead the conservation road. Project Wild creates the opportunity for young, ambitious individuals who want to conduct their own research but never had the support, to pursue their goals. This ultimately gives them the kickstart to their careers that they always felt they need. Project Wild are currently in the process of being involved in numerous research papers where we can use the research to make a real difference. If you are looking for an opportunity to be involved in research of your own, or research we are doing, get in touch so that we can discuss various options!

We have future research opportunities that we are working on. Some of these projects include marine conservation and seabird research such as seagulls and penguins, building canines for a lion to see how he would react with prosthetic teeth and research about how animals that underwent trauma adapts to life after trauma. These are just some future projects with many more projects coming that includes collaring jackals and leopards to retrieve data from their diets and movements.

We are eager to publish as many papers as possible. This research will assist anyone in the conservation industry as the data will help us understand the different species more that will ultimately help against various extinctions.


Everything we do, we document. The main reasons Project Wild was created was to raise awareness of the industry. To raise awareness about the fact that there are animals in need, and that animals do need rehabilitation and that there are people working endlessly to provide animals that went through trauma with the best life they can possibly have. This is why we created our YouTube Channel. The goal is to reach as many people all over the world as possible to showcase the industry and to introduce the world to the amazing reality of wildlife rehabilitation & conservation.


If you feel you want to help out and donate for Achilles, Victor, Bab and all the other animals we work with, it will bring relieve.

Currently we are planning a new prosthesis for Achilles. We also have high hopes for an upcoming project that involves a prosthetic wing for Bab. We have future projects that include working with a lion that lost his canines and with a cheetah that lost her one eye. It will help us immensely if you want to help us with all upcoming projects!