Project Wild | Nature Inspired Synergy

It all Started with Achilles. He is an amputated rhino, the first of his kind. We were privileged enough to have built the first rhino prosthesis in history. This was truly a huge success and currently Achilles is on his 4th prosthesis. Achilles still has a lot of growing to do, so every time he grows and eventually outgrow his prosthesis, a new one have to be made for him. But, Achilles got accustomed to the fact that he needs to wear a prosthesis everyday and he became accustomed to the process!

We have also build the world’s first rehabilitative device for an eagle. Victor is an bilateral amputee Martial Eagle who lives on a farm in Thabazimbi, South Africa. After his amputation 8 years ago his wound never properly healed. He continuously flaps his wings which reopens the wound. The centre really struggled with the persistent situation, so we decided to build him a device that will cover the wounded area allowing protection when he flaps his wings. After the first rehabilitative device for an eagle was build, we fitted the device and it was perfect. Now Victor’s wound can heal, and we can move into the second phase of his rehabilitation.

Future Projects

Project Angel Wings – Bab is an amputated Eagle on the same farm Victor is being taken care on. With Project Angel Wings we are going to attempt to build the worlds first prosthetic wing to see if it will aid Bab back to flying again. He is amputated at the Aula of the wing – the tip of the wing. We will first determine the reason Bab is not flying and then we will manufacture him a device trying to aid him back to flying.

Community Project #2 – Recently we have met with Stella, a four month old puppy who recently got amputated. She is the dearest puppy and full of life and we want her to achieve everything she can. We are going to attempt this prosthetic device to aid Stella in her growth.