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About Project Wild

Our Mission: Wildlife Conservation & Rehabilitation

Project Wild is a not-for-profit foundation committed to providing a second chance to animals that have suffered trauma. Our mission is to promote wildlife conservation by rehabilitating injured or disabled wild animals through the use of prosthetics. Our goal is to help these animals function normally again and return them to their natural habitats.

Our Founder

Meet Ab

Project Wild was founded by Ab Coetzee, an Orthotist and Prosthetist, who was inspired by the opportunity to create prosthetics for animals in need. His interest in the field began when he was employed by the person who built the world’s first rhino prosthesis for an amputated rhino. Ab was involved in the creation of the third prosthesis for the same rhino and delivered and fitted the fourth prosthesis for Achilles, a life-changing moment that led to the creation of Project Wild.


At Project Wild, we document everything we do. Our goal is to raise awareness of wildlife rehabilitation and conservation by showcasing the amazing reality of the industry. Our YouTube channel has helped us reach people all over the world, introducing them to the incredible work we do and the animals we help.

Research Leading the Wildlife Conservation Road

Project Wild is committed to being at the forefront of research in wildlife conservation and rehabilitation. We believe that research is critical to growing, learning, and conserving. That’s why we offer opportunities for young, ambitious individuals to pursue their own research goals and provide them with the support they need to kickstart their careers. We are currently involved in numerous research papers and are constantly seeking out new research opportunities. Our future projects include marine conservation and seabird research, building canines for a lion to see how he would react with prosthetic teeth, and researching how animals that underwent trauma adapt to life after trauma. Our goal is to publish as many papers as possible to help others in the conservation industry understand different species better and ultimately help against extinctions.


Donate to Help Wildlife Conservation

If you’re interested in helping our cause, you can donate to Project Wild. Your donations will help us continue to provide animals that went through trauma with the best life they can possibly have. We are currently planning a new prosthesis for Achilles, and we have high hopes for an upcoming project that involves a prosthetic wing for Bab. We have future projects that include working with a lion that lost his canines and with a cheetah that lost one eye. Your support will help us immensely with all upcoming projects. Please consider making a donation today.